Six “Pillars” to an Effective Nutrition Plan

We all want results. Whether it is more muscle, less fat, or both. We want results. You can lift all the weights you want and grind out session after session of interval training but if you aren’t paying attention to what you are eating then all this effort is a waste. The #1 most important part of any fat loss or muscle growth program is nutrition.Nutrition is confusing though right?There are new “discoveries” being reported by the media almost every day. It is a full time job keeping up with all this information. Fortunately you can get that body you want…. you can achieve that lean, muscular body that you’ve been coveting by consistently applying relatively simple nutritional guidelines.I call these guidelines the 6 Pillars of Nutrition. Here they are:1. Eat five to six times a day.2. Limit your consumption of sugars and processed foods.3. Eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day.4. Drink more water and cut out calorie-containing beverages (beer, soda, etc.).5. Focus on consuming lean proteins throughout the day.6. Save starch containing foods until after a workout or for breakfast.These rules are the key to unlocking your best body. As you can see by looking over the list, the 6 Pillars of Nutrition are not based on fads or diet crazes. No, instead they are the results of the distillation of piles of nutritional information into the most effective strategies described in a practical manner so that you can apply them to your life today.The first question I get about the 6 Pillars of Nutrition when my clients are initially exposed to them is “Don’t I have to count calories?” No. No calories counting. I have recently had a client lose just under 50lbs of fat in 3 months by following these principles. No calorie counting, no measuring food. Why make it more complicated than it has to be?We all live busy lives right? Nutrition can’t be a focus during the week. It needs to be automatic. That’s what makes these principles so powerful. They make nutrition a no-brainer. If you are obsessing over calories, macronutrients, and grams of insoluble fiber please stop. Outline an eating strategy that falls inline with the 6 Pillars of Nutrition. You will spend less time fussing over what to eat and the changes in your body will astound you.If you still insist on most closely monitoring your food intake I still don’t recommend that you count calories or grams. I always say no one eat 14 grams of fat, they eat 1 TBSP of olive oil. It only makes sense to track and monitor actual amounts of food right? This is why I created the Naked Nutrition Serving system where I outline when and what type of foods to eat and you just pick the foods you like – not calories, not grams, but actual amounts. This approach is practical and it delivers results.

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